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In 1978 at age eleven I picked up my sisters guitar and wrote a song...


Inspired by bands like The Police, The Beatles, Chic and Rainbow, I quickly became interested in everything to do with bands, from writing and performing, to the technical aspects such as recording and music production. I started my own band some months later after getting a few songs together. A couple of years went past and I soon taught myself other instruments: bass guitar, drums, keyboards. I started recording in a friends studio at 15 with the band I had at the time, and soaked up recording knowledge from the first minute. 

By the time I was 18 I started a band called 3D ECHO with my best friend and got my first job sound engineering in a local pro studio to help with our demo costs. The work I did as a sound engineer helped me make my own band sound better, and after about 5 years of writing, gigging, and recording our songs, we got our first big break – to record an album at Queen's studio in Montreux, Switzerland with the head engineer Dominik Tarqua, and Queen's co-producer Dave Richards.


Two weeks out of our four week stay, our session was stopped. David Bowie needed to start work on some music for a mini-series called The Buddha Of Suburbia.


The  next  thing  we  knew  Bowie  was listening  to  us  jamming  upstairs  in the  live 

room  and  asked  if  we  wanted  to  work  on  some  of  the  soundtrack  with  him. I learnt a hell

of a lot in a short  space of  time working with him. The  pieces  of  music then became  the  album 

of   the  same  name  and   our  little  band   started  to  get  noticed   by  influential  people  in  the



Interest in us grew,  the next year we played the highly   prestigious  Montreux  Jazz

Festival, alongside artists such as Carlos Santana, James Brown and loads more. Our songs were

played,  and   we   performed,  on  TV  and  radio  in  France,  Germany,  Switzerland  and  the  UK.

Unfortunately,  the  band  was  being  pulled in too many directions by various industry egos,  and

disagreements started to arise. We disbanded the following year. 

            Back in the UK, a good friend of mine wanted to turn his home studio into a commercial one and asked for my help, along with others, to design and build it. He found a shell of a farm building and in 6 months we had converted an old cattle barn into one of the best recording studios in the county. I ran the technical side as the resident sound engineer,and over the 15 years of working at The Cream Room Recording Studio I engineered and produced for 100’s of bands, solo artists and record companies. I naturally moved into remixes, whilst also creating music for business promo videos, running voice over classes, and recording and producing audio books.


In late 2012, after eventually owning the studio, I left it to my business partner and went freelance. Since then I have worked as a music coach for a local music school, helping pupils gain recording and performing experience. I’m still producing artists, but now it’s mainly for online clients using my home studio. Here, I have created music for many top businesses like Lego and Hilton Hotels.

Now, I’m excited to say I’m writing the score for feature films and building a TV and Movie music production company .


Rob x

DAVID BOWIE taking a break from recording for Buddha of Suburbia with Isaac Prevost ( drums - 3D ECHO ) Garry Taylor ( Bass 3D ECHO ) Rob Clydesdale ( Singer and guitarist 3D ECHO ) Dave Richards ( Produced with Queen, Tears For Fears) Erdal Kizilkay

Outside Mountain Studios - Montreux

3D ECHO - Rock Band


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