current T.V. and film projects....

Night Sweat was written for a scene in 'Turn Up Charlie'  an  American comedy web television series created by Idris Elba and Gary Reich that is now on Netflix. Directed by Matt Lipsey ( Intelligence,Little Britain, Jekyll, London Underground,Billionaire Boy)

FERRYMAN is the music from the opening titles to the new film drama of the same name by director Darren Bender for Lone Wolf Television. ..... A dark love story about an absconding soldier who is struggling with PTSD when he falls for a woman who is a member of a secret  club.


Here are a couple of examples of promotional media videos created to a brief by the clients.....

Briefed by LEGO to produce music in the style of a few of the Eurovision Song Contest winners from over the last 6 decades.

Briefed by Thistle Hotels to produce a piece of music that captures all the wonders of the Brands Hatch hotel from morning through to night time.

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