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Series 2 score

Rob Clydesdale and Mark Daniels known collectively as D.FOE are now in the process of writing the score for the second SKY series INTELLIGENCE.            December  2020

 A workplace comedy  based in Cheltenham and set in the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters. David Schwimmer plays a power-hungry, maverick NSA agent who joins an inept and tactless computer analyst (Mohammed) and a newly-formed team tackling cyber-crime... 

...What could go wrong?


Night Sweat (Clydesdale/Daniels) is a track written specifically for the last episode.  All the holding music was supplied by D.Foe too.....

....Charlie is a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor. He gets a final chance at finding success, plotting to rebuild his music career, at the same time that he reluctantly becomes a manny to Gabby, his famous best friend's problem-child daughter.

Turn up charlie poster.jpg

Rob has written the score for this film. It's his 2nd feature......

It’s 40 years since the murder of John Lennon, a moment trapped in Mickey Sharpe’s mind as he imagines that fateful night. After struggling to live on minimum wage, Mickey decides, "you’re better off being a gangster because you’ve got more of a chance."

Outside Mountain Studios - Montreux

How it began for me as a TV and Film Score composer....

"The next thing we knew Bowie was listening

 to us jamming upstairs in the live room

and asked if we wanted to work on some of 

the soundtrack.....

....I learnt a hell of a lot in a short space of 

time working with him. The Cues  of music

turned into songs that finally became the 

album ." 


About: The Buddha Of Suburbia (1993)

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