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est. 1986

Let Them Find They're Own Way Home - 3D ECHO
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Welcome to all things 3D ECHO

We changed drummers almost as many times as Spinal Tap!

But..... the main members were Rob Clydesdale, Paul Davidson, Isaac ( Dan ) Prevost and Garry (Tetley) Taylor.

Other members :- Chaz Hanrahan, Andy Kolthammer, Jeff Sayadian, Bob , Steve Nugent, Trevor Piggott and I'm sure there were a few more....

Plenty of styff happened over the 23 years of it's existence but here are some highlights....

Formed - September 1986.

!990 -Song - Seems like sanctuary appeared on House of Dolls Fanzine E.P.

1991 - 12" Single release - Questions and Answers/Why Wonder.

1993 - Recorded Trip EP

Worked with David Bowie on The Buddha of Suburbia album.

1994 - Played the Montreux Jazz Festival

Appeared on UK T.V.

1997 - Recorded and released the SIGN album 

Produced by Dominik Tarqua

2001 - Released the CIRCUTHEOSODOMOGNOSIS album

2003 - Released the BUZZ JUNKIE E.P.

2007 - Released the OUTSIDE THE BOX album

Loads of gigs and stuff happened too.

Bowie & 3d 001.jpg
Mountain studio's flat 002.jpg
3d 2 cropped.jpg

Dan - Plinston Hall, Letchworth

Trip front cover 2 copy.jpg
sign front & bk of booklet copy.jpg
Circ my arse copy.jpg
EP front & inside cover new size 12 .15
outside the box cover for tt.jpg

3D ECHO back catalogue

available here

3d outside sofa session.jpg
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Misc 013.png
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