Since the year 2000 Rob has been producing bands and solo artists in the UK and Europe. Here are just some examples on the player below.


Other artists that Rob has worked with are:-

David Bowie

Luca Tarqua

David Richards 

Mark Daniels 

Kevin Saunders

Peter Crossley

Steve Waterman

Christina Novelli

Paul Howard and Jo Clack


Having just completed the recording of my 1st album ‘Rags to Riches’ I can proclaim with some confidence, gravitas, experience and with hand on heart (and obviously with the benefit of hindsight) that there are vital ingredients you need from your record producer when undertaking what was without doubt one of the most emotional rollercoaster rides i have ever taken with all the highs and lows the creative process of making a record involves.

Your record producer should therefore be talented, a brilliant musician, patient, understanding, encouraging, professional, creative, your best friend, strong, sensitive, efficient, imaginative, a good listener
and make good coffee! 

In two words they should be 
Rob Clydesdale 
I cannot thank this man enough for his efforts in taking me through the process of making my 1st album which ultimately I’m delighted with and will be back to record more in the near future. 
Highly recommended! 
Peter Crossley 
Singer / Songwriter 


Over the years Rob has been asked to remix songs from the bands and record companies hes worked with. Below is a 'before and after' example of the fun  that can be had in the studio....


1965  by Charley Brown


....a few more ....

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